“The chief difficulty of understanding fashion in its apparent vagaries is the lack of exact knowledge of the unconscious symbolisms attaching to forms, colors, textures, postures, and other expressive elements of a given culture. The difficulty is appreciably increased by the fact that some of the expressive elements tend to have quite different symbolic references in different areas.”  – Fred Davis


Future, Past, and Present

Ambiguity, ambivalence, and anxiety in cultural discourses

Subjectivity, visually displays our identities

Haute-couture to street-style

Identification and differentiation with the surrounding culture

Ongoing way of navigating and negotiating the world around us

National, transnational production and consumption


I.F. provides a platform to discuss FASHION; the consequences of the industry from production to consumption, issues of representation in marketing and advertising, branding, marketing analyses, trend forecasting, eCommerce, haute-couture to street STYLE; subcultural style, identity maintenance, beauty regimes, style and popular culture, and so much more.

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